This section of the website offers resources and guidance to public bodies about:

  • legislative compliance;
  • minimising the risk of improper conduct;
  • the human resource management implications of the legislation;
  • managing the welfare of disclosers; and
  • promoting open and accountable government.

This information will be developed and updated over time. If you are a manager in a Northern Territory public body, and you cannot find the guidance you are looking for on this website, we encourage you to contact us directly for assistance.

The bottom line

Public bodies need to ensure they are ready for the management and human resources issues that may arise as a result of an investigation. As a minimum, public bodies should ensure their staff are aware of the new legislation, and that internal procedures are consistent with the Public Interest Disclosure Act.

It is worth thinking ahead

Public bodies can minimise the risk of improper conduct occurring through appropriate forward planning. Ensuring your workplace has a positive reporting environment will help you identify and deal with improper conduct before it gets reported to the Commissioner for Public Interest Disclosures.