Northern Territory

Recent Updates

2016-17 Annual Report is now available

I present the Annual Report of the Office of the Commissioner, Information and Public Interest Disclosures for the financial year 2016-17. It is a public record to inform the community about our investigations into complaints of improper conduct and privacy breaches and our external reviews of Freedom of Information (FOI) decisions made by public sector organisations.

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Establishment of the NT ICAC

In 2016, the ‘Martin Report’ recommended the establishment of the Northern Territory Independent Commissioner Against Corruption (the ICAC). Mr Kenneth Fleming, QC, was appointed the NT’s first ICAC in June 2018. The process of establishing the Office of the ICAC is underway and the Independent Commissioner Against Corruption Act will commence once the ICAC is able to effectively execute his powers and responsibilities under the Act.

Until the Office of the ICAC is fully operational, the Public Interest Disclosure Act will continue to operate and the Office of the Commissioner for Public Interest Disclosures (OCPID) will remain the avenue to report improper conduct.

Ms Brenda Monaghan, the OCPID Commissioner since the establishment of the Office in 2010, has resigned her position to take up the position of Deputy Ombudsman. Mr Allan Borg, a senior member of the OCPID since 2010, has been appointed Acting OCPID Commissioner pending commencement of operations in the Office of the ICAC.

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